Concrete polishing is a beautiful, modern flooring option that is durable, sustainable and easy to maintain. Polishing exposed concrete adds a sophisticated look to your home or business, with endless possibilities for customising your floor with in-laid stones, glass, metals or other unique objects.

Our floors are hard-wearing and slip-resistant, with an extremely long lifetime. Polished concrete floors won’t chip, dent or wear out. They are are low-maintenance and easier to clean than other floors, while diminishing dust mites, allergens and mould for a healthier home or workplace.

Polished concrete is a natural, eco-friendly option, as it draws light into the room, creating brightness and inspiring energy. It absorbs heat from the sun throughout the day, then slowly releases it at night to help heat your home. Customers pouring a new concrete floor can also opt to add under-floor heating, with polished concrete making for an efficient choice for the heat’s release, unlike other flooring options.

Transform your courtyard, deck, walkway or other outdoor space with polished concrete. Our expert team will create a custom look to meet your design needs, with a slip-resistant finish that’s perfect for everyday living or entertaining guests and clients.

A polished concrete floor brings a sophisticated, modern look to your commercial property. Unlike other flooring options, polished concrete won’t chip, dent or wear out, making it the perfect choice for a busy workplace. Our floors are customisable to each client’s needs, and can be utilised as a unique selling point for your business.

Modernise your business space with a one-of-a-kind polished concrete floor that wows your valued clientele. Polishing new or existing concrete is a cost-effective option for adding a stylish touch to your store or restaurant. Our floors are slip-resistant and easy to clean and maintain, making them the ideal choice for businesses.


Whether you’re laying tiles or flooring, or planning a new footpath or driveway, our skilled team will take care of removing unwanted concrete or coatings to ensure an even base.

We utilise a range of grinders to get the job done, whether it’s removing concrete from a path or large floor area, grinding to expose stones for concrete honing, or smoothing out older layers of concrete before you lay new flooring.


Having block walls honed on-site ensures an even finish, and can create a unique aesthetic for your property. Honing the first outer millimetres of the blockface adds a sleek finish that highlights the natural colours of your masonry. After honing, the walls are sealing to ensure an impressive, enduring finish. On-site honing ensures a cleaner, faster, consistent and better-quality result than with a factory hone.